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Tire Bladder Supply Programs

Under an exclusive arrangement, Worldwide Marketing supplies Polymer Industrial Products (PIPCO) tire bladders to tire manufacturers worldwide. 

We offer three Bladder Supply Programs to meet the needs of tire manufacturers:

  • Low Volume Sizes. Our unique manufacturing process allows us to produce small quantities of bladders.
  • Just In Time Delivery. We deliver bladders when you need them to meet your production schedules.
  • Contract Manufacturing. We will manufacture bladders according to your technical specifications.

Bladders available under our Bladder Supply Program, include: 

1. Curing Bladders

Curing Bladders, Curing Bags and Curing Diaphragms are available for a wide range of tires, including: bias, radial, medium truck, passenger, construction, agricultural, and aircraft. Several different compounds are used to meet customer needs. 

  • Manufactured to very close tolerance
  • Many available for just in time delivery
  • Large selection
  • Technical assistance available

2. Turn Up Bladders

Turn Up Bladders are available for tire sizes ranging from 4” to 63”. These bladders support both single stage and dual stage tire building systems.

  • High quality
  • Long uninterrupted service life
  • Inventory of many sizes or built to order
  • Technical assistance available