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About Polymer Industrial Products Company

Polymer Industrial Products Company has been manufacturing high quality elastomeric products for the tire manufacturing industry since 1915.

Over 100 tire manufacturing facilities worldwide, including all major tire companies, count on PIPCO's line of turn-up and curing bladders to support their tire manufacturing process.

PIPCO's extensive product line includes:

  • Turn-up / Rollover / Tire Assembly Bladders:
    • NRM
    • Uniroyal
    • Custom
  • Curing Bladders, for:
    • NRM
    • BOM
    • KRUPP
    • KOBE
    • Toroidal
    • Expander Bladders
    • Note: high heat transfer compounds also available
  • Building Drum Sleeves
  • Tread Splicers
  • Split Air Brakes
  • Custom Molding, upon request